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Nagaland Tour Itinerary
Day 01:Arrive into Dimapur * Transfer and check in at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

This afternoon, following your arrival into Dimapur, Nagaland, you will be greeted by our representative and escorted to your vehicle. Your drive to Kohima Camp, Nagaland from Dimapur city will be about two and a half hours through lush, rolling forests, with a halt mid-way to stretch your legs and have a few refreshments.

On your arrival at the camp, located at the foothills of the gigantic Japfu Mountain, soak in the serenity of the surroundings as you are accorded the traditional welcome of the tribes of Nagaland. You will then be accompanied to your superlative luxury tent, where the check-in formalities will be completed by our Guest Relations hostess.

Spend the evening relaxing in the peaceful environs of the camp. Enjoy a drink by the campfire followed by a feast skillfully created by our Chef, as you sit down to your first night’s dinner in the lap of nature and luxury. Tomorrow you will begin your adventure activities in Nagaland.

Overnight at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

Hornbill Festival
Limited Edition 14 Days Only,from
29 November 2016 to
12 December 2016
in Kohima.

Camping in Nagaland Itinerary
Day 02:Visit the spectacular Hornbill Festival and explore the quaint Kigwema village of the Angami tribe

After a leisurely breakfast, drive to the Kisama heritage village for the spectacular Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. Revel in this marvelous riot of colour as you watch all 16 tribes of Nagaland show off the rich fare of diverse cultures and traditional arts that is Nagaland. You can witness the attire, folk music and dance forms, headgear, cuisines, paintings, handicrafts, and other intricacies of the varied tribes and sub-tribes of the state. The highlight of this Nagaland festival is not only the music, both traditional and contemporary, and dance; you will also be enchanted by the display of exquisite handicraft and handloom. Adding to the excitement is a motor rally, traditional sports like wrestling and archery, a literary fest, and fun events like climbing a greased bamboo pole or chilli eating contests.

After witnessing the Nagaland Hornbill festival and having built up an appetite, you return to our luxury camp for a sumptuous lunch after which you can choose to relax in its serene surroundings. Or you may choose to explore the charming Kigwema village, just a few kilometres drive away.

Kigwema is a quaint old village of the Angami tribe of Nagaland. Literally ‘inheritance of the house’, it is believed that many other Angami villages originated from here. In 1944 the Japanese forces came to Kigwema village on their way to attack Kohima and were provided shelter by the villagers. Walk through the lanes of the village seeing the traditional houses with their impressive wooden pillars, arriving at a local house to experience the Angami way of life over a cup of traditional tea.

In the evening, you have the option of returning to the festivities of the Hornbill festival, in the capital city, Kohima. Get into the spirit of the festival as you enjoy the music of one of the many talented Naga rock bands or scour the night bazaar for local artefacts and Naga delicacies. Be inspired by a fashion show featuring traditional tribal wear as well as contemporary designs or be entertained at the Miss Nagaland contest.

Return to the luxurious comfort of your camp for dinner and a well deserved rest.

Overnight at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

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Day 03:Visit the Hornbill Festival and revel in the rustic charm of the Jakhama village

This morning, after breakfast the excitement continues as you revisit the Hornbill festival where you spend the rest of the morning immersing yourself in this vibrant extravaganza.

In the afternoon, following a leisurely lunch, revel in your luxurious surroundings at the camp as you enjoy a book, play a game of chess or go for a stroll. Or if you are still wanting to further immerse yourself in the Naga culture you may choose to visit the Jakhama village 5kms drive from the camp. The name Jakhama is derived from ‘Mejakhama’ which means ‘laying resistance against intruders’. The village was the first line of defence against the neighbouring Manipur kingship. Jakhama’s prosperous houses, built in unique styles and designs, are a sight to behold. Visit the great granaries where families can store grains for years. End your visit in high spirits with a glass of the local rice beer called ‘khie’.

In the evening you can choose to head back to Kohima festival to catch more of the night events before returning to the comfort of the camp for a lavish dinner.

Overnight at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

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Day 04:Visit the Hornbill Festival and enjoy the folklore of Phesama village

After breakfast this morning head out for your last day at the Hornbill festival. Enjoy the festivities with the Naga tribes as they hold you in thrall with their distinct costumes and perform traditional dances and ceremonies.

Following lunch, if a little relaxation is in order spend the afternoon at leisure in the tranquility of the camp. Or you may wish to explore the Phesama village, the nearest village to the capital Kohima, on the southern front. Interact with the people and listen to folklore rich in local mythology around a bonfire in one of the ‘morung’ – the traditional institution where these stories have been passed down through the generations.

Later this evening, you have the option to enjoy the cultural festivities in Kohima for the last time. Return to the camp sated from the exhilarating experience at the festival, with memories to last a lifetime!

At dinner sit back and reflect on the Naga way of life whilst the chef indulges you in an exquisite meal.

Overnight at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

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Day 05:Excursion to Kohima and village Khonoma

Today you will explore the treasures of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. Kohima played a key role in World War II, where the Naga tribes fought alongside Allied forces against Japan on the tennis court of the British Deputy Commissioner’s house. Visit the beautiful war cemetery built on a terraced hillside for the brave hearts that died in the war and visit a private museum that holds some of the best artifacts from World War II. From here, continue to the Angami village of Khonoma, home of the Angami tribe, where you’ll relish a local lunch. Admire the traditional architecture of carved gateways and surrounding stone walls, visit morungs and participate in indigenous games like wrestling with the local warriors of the Nagaland tribe, Angami.

Spend the evening in the comfort of your luxury camp as your valet fixes you a sun downer before enjoying the delicacies prepared for dinner.

Overnight at Kohima Camp, Nagaland

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Nagaland places to visit
Day 06:Bid farewell to the Mystic Land of the Nagas

Today you bid farewell to the breathtaking terrain of Nagaland, as you transfer to the Dimapur airport and board your flight to your onward destination.